Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our newest arrival and currently the most loved member of the family!

A sneak peek as to how it all happened.
The sun shone gently overhead while the crisp morning air lingered close to the moist earth. Kurt worked at the far end of the yard mowing the tall grass, his strong arms and cut build made the daunting task look like childs play. While he mowed, I worked on raking up the freshly cut grass on the baseball field. The sweet aroma that surrounded me awakened my senses like only it could and with the children playing in the front yard I was able to fully take in the calm serenity of the moment. That is when it happened...
The lawn mower broke and I realized how much over seeding bites! This was going to take us all day! That is when I threw down the rake and told Kurt to put the kids in the car...we were going to get a riding lawn mower!

And here he is...John Deere!

Drewbie Turns 3!

So I have been a slacker these last two months and have not posted anything. During that time there where a few things worthy of posting but most important was the fact that our little princess turned 3! It is so crazy to look back on these past 3 years and think of how fast they have gone by.
On Drew's birthday we went down to Aunt Sandy's house (she is the mom Drew wishes she had) and had dinner, presents and cake/ice cream. Then we celebrated her birthday again on Sunday just with our own little family. Her grandma's and grandpa's gave her so many fun things. Unfortunately, I am bad at taking pictures and so the follow ones are all we have.

Happy Birthday Drew! Don't look too excited. Can we at least get a smile?

Here it comes! Wait for it...wait for it.

She is trying to hide it! Come on we know you want to!

And there it is. It does exist! Looks a little forced but we'll take it.

We know that she is happy because she actually played with her gifts afterwards.

Here is Drew twirling with her new jump rope and "Cinderella" nightgown that she got from Grandma Laine.

This is her "Princess" pose.

We love you Drew(even though you have crazy mood swings)!