Saturday, January 17, 2009

Magic Kingdom...Here We Come!

This year my wonderful mother-in-law decided to give the kids tickets to Disneyland for Christmas. We hoped on board that train and made "Disneyland" our Christmas theme. So on January 8th we packed up the Suburban and headed off to the "Happiest Place on Earth" where we were going to meet up with Kurt's siblings and mom. My sister-in-law did all the leg work (THANK YOU!) and booked us a wonderful suite right across the street from Disneyland. It was the best trip and we made some wonderful memories. And yes, I did get a little camera happy.

He almost had it!

One of my all time favorite rides.

The boys liked this ride the best. I think that Kurt might have too!

We went on a river safari and it was all Kurt could do to not make fun of the guide. He was a little bit crazy.

Jasmin was the only princess that Drew got to see but she was worth the wait!

This is a rare sight to see! Nash was so mad at me and Kurt because we were trying to make him go on a ride that he was not about to get on. He finally walked away from us and sat down by the fountain. The look says it all!

Pluto was all over Jake and Broc. He even stole Broc away from us to show his pal Goofy Broc's shirt. It was a lot of fun for both the boys!

For part of the day we hopped over to California Adventures. The kids loved the "Bugs Life" rides. Here are two of our cute little "bugs"!

Every picture with these three stinkers turns into power ranger poses.

Daddy's little girl

Grandma Laine is the best...she bought each child their very own cotton candy. Those things are not cheap! I would've had to sell an arm and a leg to afford that!

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