Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A quick look back at 2011...in no particular order.

Summer is all about friends, mud, frogs and fun!

We were so proud of Jake and Nash for wanting to be a part of their schools Science Fair. They did a great job!

Our little Gracie is quite the dare devil. She might look beat up but the swing ended up in the Intensive Care unit.

Nash's Super Mario Bros. birthday party. Boy was it fun!

This is how I feel we lived for most of 2011...out of a box. It is so nice to finally be settled in!

Jake had a great birthday party at the St. George Rec Center. Dodgeball anyone?

Some of Jake's favorite moments from last year were spending time with friends, scouts and yard work. Maybe scratch the last one.

We will miss our annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt and the weather. The kids ended up with more candy than at Halloween. Lucky!

Colorado was a fun trip. We played on Aunt Sandy's HUGE waterslide, went to a minor league game, watched fireworks, played with cousins and witnessed our sweet Maddy's baptism. It was a great vacation!


Jody and Dave Lindsay said...

Always good times with the Palmer family! :) Loves,

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